@_sblack & @brianaaal0ve get together the other day. Missed you guys and thanks for having me. See you guys soon. Also, with babe @itsnikki and @paulinaaac @hbk_airriccc @ilonalament Bobby Clyde @ryguy_92 and Cameron.

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My morning journey to work. And some slappers. Can you identify the songs I was listening to?!

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oh. my. god. if you dont reblog this Im judging you.

Damn tho


I want to thank the heavens above for giving us such an amazing picture. I want to thank her parents for not using a rubber that night. And I want to thank my eye doctor for giving me the glasses to see this clearly.

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don’t forget these

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Yet another video of aubrih gettin’ it.

Iono bout him but, rih was gettin it lol

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This made my night

This made my night

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Had to post this cause it was beautifully made. Literally brought tears to my eyes. Just wanted to pay my respects. Rest in paradise.

Even though I never met you Andrew, I was good friends with your wife Julie from middle school. This video definitely made me tear up, just knowing you lived such a humble and devoted life. May you rest in peace and continue to watch over Julie and baby Noah.

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#Popthedream Another rave down with great individuals. @hbk_airriccc @paulinaaac @dsanchize @jmdangan @hennybenassi. Thanks to @baozerm for coming in the clutch. Lastly, thanks to my love @itsnikki for always raging hard with me and being up for anything and everything we got through. #Theone #Pop #Rave #Plurnt #Oracle #Allofme

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Yesterday’s BBQ for @hbk_airriccc 20th birthday. @paulinaaac @itsnikki. #Fam #Smallcircle #BBQ #Applestoapples

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